Formulations and New Product Development
Complete development of formulation and product from concept to full scale production including full staff training where necessary.

Process Development and Improvements
Teaching new processes, establishing correct procedures and improving existing products and processes.

Quality Assurance
AAS Food Technology Pty Ltd skills include quality improvement of product, package and quality documentation. AAS Food Technology Pty Ltd is able to assist you by offering the services of a regular part time or temporary (relief) Quality Assurance Manager.

Food Safety and Auditing
Let AAS Food Technology Pty Ltd assist you in developing and documenting a practical solution to your needs or your customer requirements. We can help you review the effectiveness of your system and its level of implementation by conducting internal audits with a view to continuous improvement.

Food Preservation and Packaging Development
AAS Food Technology Pty Ltd can aid companies or organisation in developing and teaching food preservation techniques and also the types of packaging necessary for a particular food product.

Shelf Life Evaluation
Complete studies on shelf life evaluation using NATA certified laboratories to conduct microbiological and chemical tests.

Food Ingredient Labelling and Nutritional Panel Compliance
The Food Standards Australia New Zealand Code, The Trade Practices Act and State based Trade Weights and Measures legislation all require packaged foods to be labelled with a wide variety of information. AAS Food Technology Pty Ltd is able to offer comprehensive label reviews on all product labels to ensure a high level of regulatory compliance.

Technical Support and Regulatory Advice
AAS Food Technology Pty Ltd can offer technical support to you and your company. We can provide advice to any level of management regarding regulatory requirements.

Food Analytical Advice
AAS Food Technology Pty Ltd can provide advice on the types of analytical tests that need to be conducted for the various food types.

Implementation and Management of HACCP Based Quality System
AAS Food Technology Pty Ltd can assist companies in the implementation of your HACCP based food safety and /or quality management systems.

Occupational Health and Safety
A comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety service is available specifically for the food manufacturing industries.

Organic Certification Support
AAS Food Technology Pty Ltd can assist companies by working closely with them in seeking to obtain Organic Certification from an Organic Certifying Body such as Australian Certified Organic (ACO).

Staff Training and Workplace Assessments
Full training can be delivered on site and fully customised to your workplace needs for supervisors to process operators on Food Safety, HACCP, Product Development, OH&S etc.

Extrusion Technology
We can provide specialist knowledge on single and twin screw extrusion technology to manufacture a wide variety of products such as snack products, breakfast cereals, pet-foods, and fish feeds etc.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide scientific and technical solutions to the food industry. Our aim is to provide a speedy and personal service whereby you can compete successfully with your competitors, whilst complying with legislative requirements.
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